A view of Battery park and the Southern tip of Manhattan, New York in Betaville

Concept sketch for bicycle pathways around New York City - creative project proposal inside Betaville

Concept sketch for Proposals menu in Betaville's user interface

User Interface mockup for the Proposals menu

Application(s) used: Balsamiq Mockups

Menu item titled "Proposals"
Application(s) used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks

Proposals menu - Create New..
10 step import process

Proposals menu - Step 1

Proposals menu - Step 2

Proposals menu - Step 3

Proposals menu - Step 4

Proposals menu - Step 5

Proposals menu - Step 6

Proposals menu - Step 7

Proposals menu - Step 8

Proposals menu - Step 9

Proposals menu - Step 10

Other menus


What is Betaville?
It is an open-source multiplayer environment for real cities, in which ideas for new works of public art, architecture, urban design, and development can be shared, discussed, tweaked, and brought to maturity in context, and with the kind of broad participation people take for granted in open source software development.

Role: 3D Modeler

Platform: Autodesk Maya, Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Photoshop CS series, Adobe Fireworks

  • Created 3D models of New York City structures

  • Designed mockups to improve User Interface


3d modeler



3D modeling, graphic design, user interface design